Rely on Smarter Diagnostics solutions and show that you are a responsible and ESG conscious employer.

Greater physical activity with appropriate prevention will improve the well-being and effectiveness of your employees, reducing discomfort or the risk of medical absences.

By relying on Smarter Diagnostics solutions, you will show that you are a responsible, ESG conscious employer. After all, the health of your team is a priority.

Our AI software for MRI analysis will allow employees to use diagnostics and health recommendations at the same level as professional athletes, all thanks to a cheap, short and accurate preventive examination.

What do we offer?
ESG actions are not only a magnet for new hires. A well-planned ESG strategy helps reduce employee turnover and encourages the team to be more engaged in assigned tasks.
We offer the BeSmarter health campaign, which serves preventive care and training in healthy approaches to physical activity. As part of the offer, your employees receive individual recommendations for physical activity based on an assessment of their metabolism, using our range of tests.
We take care of time and logistics, so the program is designed to minimally interfere with your employees' daily duties. As an employer, you will gain an extremely valuable indicator monitoring the overall health of your company!

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