We are changing the future of medicine
using AI solutions.

Our mission is to improve the prevention of sports injuries and accelerate injury recovery using advanced AI solutions for MRI analysis.

More joy
from sports

Enjoy an active lifestyle and take a break from training when you want to - not when you get injured.

Preventive MRI-based examinations will allow you to enjoy more of life, reducing the number of painful surprises.

You can now provide yourself with professional-level care. Get tested quickly and affordably, and use our software to analyze your results and assess your health status. Receive personalized prevention recommendations and avoid unexpected injuries.

The modern role of
radiology in orthopedics

Modern AI solutions for MRI image analysis can now streamline the work of radiologists

Specialized software reduces radiological reporting time, provides a second opinion, and introduces an objective assessment. By using our solutions during routine examinations, you will increase the efficiency of detecting incidental injuries, providing your patients with unique value - the protection of their health by preventing injuries.

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Avoid injuries with:

Short Magnetic Resonance studies with AI-based diagnostics

Early detection of pathologies

Personalized recommendations for preventive actions

More savings
with AI prevention

Imaging diagnostic

Reduce the cost of diagnostics and increase the accessibility of radiology services in your facility.

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Move your players closer to success by reducing the number of costly injuries which carry the risk of them missing important competitions.

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Rely on Smarter Diagnostics solutions and show that you are a responsible and ESG conscious employer.

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Reduce the risk of injuries and… compensation.

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No routine injury preventative diagnostic method

up to 50% performance metrics decrease after recovery for pro-athletes

150 bln € lower leg injuries treatment costs annually

250 mln physically active people

10 mln lower leg injuries annually

up to 15x more demand than radiologists’ availability in imaging diagnostics

Screening and incidental diagnostics with AI

Injury risk factors



Key team

Bartosz Borucki

CO-Founder / CEO

Norbert Kapiński

PhD, CO-Founder / CTO

Justyna Witkowska

PHD, Data Scientist

Grzegorz Chlebus

PHD, Senior ML Engineer

Przemysław Przybyszewski

DevOps / Backend

Paulina Sołtysiak

Head of Growth

See what the experts say

Systemic problems such as metabolic syndrome are visible in medical imaging. Smarter Diagnostics solutions allow for the detection of developing problems in magnetic resonance imaging and the implementation of preventive measures, including lifestyle and dietary changes, even at an early stage of the disease.
- Dr. Edyta Biernat-Kałuża (a rheumatologist and internist)
Reliable information is crucial in monitoring and treating the musculoskeletal system, especially for athletes who train intensely. Smarter Diagnostics tools contribute to medical prevention through their user-friendliness, objectivity, and the ability to compare results.
- Dr. Paweł Adamczyk (an orthopedist)
I am drawn to a shift in thinking from treatment to prevention. Early detection of problems through Smarter Diagnostics screening enables quick action and reduces the risk of serious injury.
- Szczepan Figat (a physiotherapist)
Radiology has tremendous potential in preventive medicine. However, improving the work of radiologists through the introduction of tools used for faster report creation and assessment, such as Smarter Diagnostics solutions, is essential.
- Dr. Beata Ciszkowska-Łysoń (a radiologist)
Digitization of diagnostics enables access to high-quality specialized medical services on a broad scale. Smarter Diagnostics aligns with this trend by offering AI-based services for amateur athletes at a level previously only available to professionals.
- Marek Ostrowski (CEO of Prosoma)

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